Frequently Asked Dental Questions – San Antonio, TX

Answering Your
Dental Questions

Do you have a question about your own care? Or are you concerned about the treatment that another family member might need? We hear all kinds of interesting dental questions from our patients, and we’ve collected some of the ones we’ve heard most often on this page. If you don’t see your own question listed below, don’t worry: our team always has their ears open! Just contact us to let us know what’s on your mind.

How Many Dental Visits Will I Need Each Year?

If your mouth is generally healthy, then you’ll probably only need to visit Dr. Mooney twice during the year. Having your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities every six months dramatically reduces the risk of small dental problems becoming large ones. We may recommend additional visits depending on the state of your teeth and gums.

What Sort of Child-Friendly Treatments Do You Offer?

First of all, we have a team that does everything they can to keep your little one at ease, and we have sedation options that can safely be used on children to keep them calm during their visits. In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, we can protect your child’s still-developing teeth with a dental sealant or a fluoride treatment. As your child grows older, their dental needs will change; we’ll make sure you stay up to date with these developments so that you can get the appropriate kind of care for your child in a timely manner.

What Can I Do About Discolored Teeth?

It usually takes more than just brushing to get rid of stains or other forms of discoloration on your teeth. Our KoR whitening system can brighten your smile by several shades in just one short visit or over the course of multiple at-home treatments. For particularly severe cases, we might also suggest veneers for discoloration that doesn’t respond to normal whitening.

What’s the Best Solution for Gaps in My Smile?

The answer will vary from case to case. A smaller gap can easily be hidden with porcelain veneers or even dental bonding, but if the uneven spacing is part of a serious orthodontic issue, clear braces or Invisalign might be required. We can give a more definite answer once we’ve had a chance to examine your mouth.

Are Missing Teeth Just a Cosmetic Issue?

Unfortunately, the consequences of losing a tooth are far worse than just having an incomplete smile. It will be harder for you to chew certain foods, you may not be able to speak as clearly, your remaining teeth will likely drift out of place, and in the long term, further tooth loss is more likely to occur. As soon as you realize you’ve lost a tooth, schedule a consultation with us to discuss implants and other solutions that you can use to fix your smile.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Care?

Every dental plan is different, so if you’re unsure of what your benefits are, you should call your insurance carrier to check. We can also review your benefits with you if you call us with your policy information. We’re proud to accept a number of different plans. Don’t forget to check if we’re in-network with your current provider.